I just wanted to share with you that this fast was an amazing experience and I am so very thankful for Lou, and this fast. It was the longest fast I’ve ever done and it was the most disciplined fast I’ve ever done. The end because pretty tough and at one point painful, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I see with so much clarity now. God has been moving mountains and His beauty is everywhere. When I got back from the Send I quit my job because I did not like it and the Lord gave me the grace to do it. Then, He blessed me with a great position at Daystar and then I was promoted there after a week and a half. My job is such a blessing and it’s funny because I cook in the cafe and I wasn’t able to try any of the food, just cooked it and hoped they liked it. Lol I also went to a worship night at my church and I received 5 prophetic words that are so spot on in my life. Not only that but the whole time I was at the Send the Lord was really speaking to me about His grace being sufficient. All I had to do was trust Him with everything and that’s exactly what I did and He blessed me beyond measure. I started noticing people around me who’s faith was growing and their relationship with the Lord was increasing. I can’t help but think it’s because of everyone that partnered in this fast and prayed for an Ekballo of laborers into the harvest field. I dreamed more than I’ve ever dreamed and the Lord is speaking to me about adoption and children’s ministry. I feel so refreshed and awakened. I feel like my next mission trip is so close I can taste it, I’m just waiting on the Lord. This fast was so special to me and I’m just extremely thankful for the opportunity. God bless!


Nothing dramatically changed that I took notice to, but what I did realize is how night and day difference I am when I took the time to fast for 2 weeks and focus solely on God through prayer l, the word, and fasting, compared to how I am when my focus is on the worlds distractions. I didn’t do what I set out to do in completing the 40 day fast, but a hunger for the more has been birthed in my heart that I can’t shake.


Hi Lou,

I am from Jamaica and the first time I saw you (virtually) was Jesus ’18. I was so stirred as I listened and watched you. I was amazed that there was someone that has devoted themselves to intercession and the mission and vision you articulated was so in-keeping with what I have been carrying. I had to join the SEND! I watched online and pledged to join the Jesus Fast; I had to start one week later (so Monday April 15 will be my 40th day). The devotionals were so encouraging and gave clear directives on how to pray. I have joined everyone doing the Jesus Fast in asking God to hurl forth laborers into the harvest beginning with me and my family!

God answered! He opened a door for my husband as he was asked to take up pastoral duties next month in one of the most volatile communities in our country! God is sending us to His friends; the forsaken and neglected to tell them that He cares and loves them! How amazing is this!

The objective of Treading Times is so relevant and has set a pattern for us to follow. As we prepare to go and get settled in, we will be treading on every road and adjoining communities to claim that which belong to our Father.

Blessing to you Lou and the team and I am truly inspired and blessed by your ministry. I am even paying more attention to my dreams (though I don’t always understand what they mean :-))

Irene E Gallagher

I have not been on an extended fast since 2007 (for almost 4 mos) prior to The Call Nashville and it was a strict Daniel fast (vegetables, legumes, water). I also fasted all social media and entertainment and of wearing jewelry, Looking back I believe I was very legalistic about it and there was little joy until the actual day of the call in Nashville. As a consequence I would literally shudder (and internally shake) at the thought of entering another fast. The spirit of God never called me into another one either until I heard about the Jesus Fast and this one grabbed me and has been a delight for me! It’s been full of grace, felt full of ease and freedom. I have had greater personal breakthroughs and deeper encounters with Jesus. I now hunger for more for me and for others. I also recently heard in my spirit that I was being called to a life of fasting and prayer; that truly His burden is easy and His yoke is light! Then, I read of your call to embark on another season of fasting for our Jewish brethren and I believe I’m in .


I heard God calling me into a fast months before God sent out, into the world, the invitation for the “Jesus Fast” .
Pray excites me…prayer touches deep places in my spirit….I LOVE TO PRAY…I LIVE TO PRAY…BUT I PRAY AND AM CONNECTED TO ETERNITY .

I have walked 46 years reconciled to The Creator … The Eternal One because of the selflessness sacrifice of JESUS the Son of God …I have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit….Yet I have never successfully fasted for even a day …. UNTIL NOW
I came to “The Send” thinking I was to old for such an event… that it’s audience would be for younger than my children….but my hunger for more of God was greater than the lie “maybe I’m attending the wrong gathering.” …

If God’s Manifest Presence was going to be at Camping World Stadium THEN SO WAS I!

Now 40 amazing days later This temple in which the Holy Spirit dwells, that I call my body, looks very different to every person, both saved and lost, who knew me a short 40 days ago… there has been a Devine physical transformation of my body in the natural realm… and if things that happen in the natural realm mirror what has happen in the spiritual … I say “Oh, Happy Day” how different my spirit man must now look in the spiritual realm

I, like Lou, know that God has not released me from the “Jesus Fast”….so Lou I stand with you in continuing to fast

What has changed in me to this point as a participant of the “Jesus Fast”?

And God’s not finished His good work in me yet…

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
In Jesus Name I ask and pray Amen

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