Hi Lou,

I am from Jamaica and the first time I saw you (virtually) was Jesus ’18. I was so stirred as I listened and watched you. I was amazed that there was someone that has devoted themselves to intercession and the mission and vision you articulated was so in-keeping with what I have been carrying. I had to join the SEND! I watched online and pledged to join the Jesus Fast; I had to start one week later (so Monday April 15 will be my 40th day). The devotionals were so encouraging and gave clear directives on how to pray. I have joined everyone doing the Jesus Fast in asking God to hurl forth laborers into the harvest beginning with me and my family!

God answered! He opened a door for my husband as he was asked to take up pastoral duties next month in one of the most volatile communities in our country! God is sending us to His friends; the forsaken and neglected to tell them that He cares and loves them! How amazing is this!

The objective of Treading Times is so relevant and has set a pattern for us to follow. As we prepare to go and get settled in, we will be treading on every road and adjoining communities to claim that which belong to our Father.

Blessing to you Lou and the team and I am truly inspired and blessed by your ministry. I am even paying more attention to my dreams (though I don’t always understand what they mean :-))


I heard God calling me into a fast months before God sent out, into the world, the invitation for the “Jesus Fast” .
Pray excites me…prayer touches deep places in my spirit….I LOVE TO PRAY…I LIVE TO PRAY…BUT I PRAY AND AM CONNECTED TO ETERNITY .

I have walked 46 years reconciled to The Creator … The Eternal One because of the selflessness sacrifice of JESUS the Son of God …I have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit….Yet I have never successfully fasted for even a day …. UNTIL NOW
I came to “The Send” thinking I was to old for such an event… that it’s audience would be for younger than my children….but my hunger for more of God was greater than the lie “maybe I’m attending the wrong gathering.” …

If God’s Manifest Presence was going to be at Camping World Stadium THEN SO WAS I!

Now 40 amazing days later This temple in which the Holy Spirit dwells, that I call my body, looks very different to every person, both saved and lost, who knew me a short 40 days ago… there has been a Devine physical transformation of my body in the natural realm… and if things that happen in the natural realm mirror what has happen in the spiritual … I say “Oh, Happy Day” how different my spirit man must now look in the spiritual realm

I, like Lou, know that God has not released me from the “Jesus Fast”….so Lou I stand with you in continuing to fast

What has changed in me to this point as a participant of the “Jesus Fast”?

And God’s not finished His good work in me yet…

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
In Jesus Name I ask and pray Amen


Good afternoon,

My name is Nate from the little town of Ozark Alabama. This fast has truly been nothing short of amazing. The Holy Spirit came to me in a dream and woke me from a deep sleep. This dream showed me I would be receiving my anointing but I had no idea what it meant. Shortly after this dream I was told about The Send the day before it started and I was excited but was unable to attend The Send. Thankfully I was able to live stream from my truck as I worked. The Holy Spirit filled me as I watched and moved me in a way I will never forget. The next day, I received prayer and the Holy Spirit filled me and I collapsed and in This moment He began to show me fire falling from heaven. This would began what I didn’t know would soon become my prayer for the next month. I joined the fast to seek God and what he meant by fire falling. God sent His Holy Spirit to give me a vision. He showed me a stadium full of people with lots of birds flying around. Some black some white. In the vision I am standing in front of the stadium and I began to reach out and and pray. Fire fell down from heaven. Such a pure clean fire fills the stadium. The stadium has an opposing fire who tries to over power the fire from heaven. The pure fire washes out these different black and white birds. Then a nasty looking hand rises up a grabs a white bird. As the white bird struggles and tries to fly away, A knight on a horse comes in (who is shining brighter than any thing other) in all white comes in with a sword and cuts the hand off releasing the white bird and the bird flies off. I have had many breakthroughs during this fast for the things I have been praying for.
God has shown me its time for the prayer warriors to stand up and fight for His Glory. We must release our prayers for this revival. It is time we fill stadiums with people who are hurting and need to be filled. As we started the fast I really felt he mantle of Billy Graham being passed at The Send. I don’t know how, but I will go and through prayer, I will lead people who fill stadiums to freedom in the name of Jesus!




This is not my first forty days fast but it has been significant in many ways. My husband and I are high school teachers in southern Utah on the Navajo Reservation. During this forty day fast, we’ve had several night visitors. On one occasion, I literally felt clawing across my back. We immediately went into worship and prayer! The democratic is trembling here and grasping to hold ground. We have been praying for sons and daughters in this region and have had some success but things are shifting and I know more are going to come to Christ soon. I bought a t-shirt at the Send that says, ask me for prayer and I wear it on Fridays. Four students have come to me for personal prayer! Finally, it is significant to note that my health and energy has been restored during this fast. I also have a strong sense from the Lord to continue fasting throughout this year. I’m being prompted to fast nine days at a time with a few days in between. I’m not certain why nine but I’m going to be faithful. I’m sure it has something to do with my Nazarite DNA. Thank you, Lou, for continuing your morning devotional.

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