Daily Devotionals

Day 7: Daniel sealed into my belly

Video TranscriptionWell, I hope you’re following us for these 40 days. Really, it’s a journey of fasting and prayer, building up to that final day Pentecost believing for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon Jerusalem, the Jewish peoples, and the nations of the...

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Day 5: The Pandemic Prophecy

Video TranscriptionYesterday, we talked about having a massive paradigm shift. How God begins to cleanse our lenses and gives us dreams, encounters, and biblical revelation so that our mindsets, our understandings, are shifted. Right now all over the globe, even in...

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Day 4: Global paradigm shift

Video TranscriptionHello brothers and sisters, we continue on this 40-day fast for a massive paradigm shift over the body of Christ. We're calling it the call to the global Ruth vow, the turning of our hearts to the people of Israel, their salvation, and the land of...

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Day 3: Global Spiritual Aliyah

Video TranscriptionSo again now we return to where we left off yesterday in our 40 day Ruth global call. I want you to review with me the dream. My friend has this dream 2007. We are actually preparing for TheCall Nashville when we were in Jerusalem and we know that...

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Day 2: Four Ruths

Video Transcription Hello brothers and sisters, we really get to the meat of the fast beginning right now. I can look back, it all started in 2007. I was in Jerusalem with my prophetic friend who dreams for me all the time, really for 36 years now, and he had a dream...

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Day 1: 40-day Israel fast launch

Video TranscriptionHello, Welcome everyone to the first day of the Yeshua fast. A fast that I believe will help shape history. I wrote this and I wrote it so many times, but it kind of expresses the DNA of my own life and my own journey. It is this: “There are moments...

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