Day 30: Trust the Lord

May 13, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

Hello Friends as we continue on our fast, yesterday the 12st day of the fast, I had probably one of the most remarkable days of my life. And I just want to encourage people, maybe you’re having a difficult day in the fast. You can’t see anything spiritually, that’s part of it.

Sometimes dark. Isaiah 50 it talks about, “He opens my ear, I set my face like flint.” And then it says “and let those who walk in darkness and have no light, let them trust in the name of the Lord and not light their own firebrands.” In other words, when you’ve heard God to move into a certain obedience, certain kind of assignment, sacrifice, you set your face, and sometimes it’s dark. Let those who walk in darkness, who have no light, let them trust in the name of the Lord.

In other words, in the darkness, trust that God is acting. He is working, He is going to give you breakthroughs. He will give you revelation, maybe during the fast, maybe afterward, but you can expect that God will bring you light as you pursue him and seek him with all your heart. Yesterday was extra for me. In the morning I had a phone call with 10 major leaders in Israel. And where the scripture says in Romans 9 -11 we’ve been grafted in to the Jewish root. We’ve been grafted in to that. I’ve experienced a grafting in, My brethren, My Jewish brethren, they brought me into their hearts and I into theirs, and really I felt as if I could feel this calling. Not just praying for Israel, but literally sensing that my feet, my heart, will be in that land, on that ground. And then just today I received a phone call from a Jewish man that’s not a believer in Yeshua, and he called me today from Israel and said I had a vision of you, and he says I’m praying for you. And I saw a vision, you were standing before the old city of Jerusalem, and an old man with a beard gave you a key to the old city of David. And then he said I saw Psalms 1:21, It’s like, I felt like this fast, this Yeshua fast, praying for the Jews, is opening up something and I know it’s not just for me. I believe it’s for the whole body of Christ. These 10 men have said, many of them have been evangelists for years in Israel. They’ve been beaten, thrown in jail, bloodied, persecuted, mocked. And they asked us to pray for them that a whole fresh wind of refreshing, and encouragement, and awakening would take place in their own souls. And they said, “There is so few of us.” 15,000 believers in Israel, out of 7 million. “We need workers.” So just pray with me right now, and I will continue tomorrow on this. Living God we just cry out for our brothers and sisters in Israel, our messianic believers who are evangelists. Today we pray Holy Spirit, Lord, thrust forth laborers to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Even in this very day were asking release dreams, visions, encounter. Hurl forth young me, young Jewish men in the streets in the city of Tel Aviv, in Haifa, in towns everywhere. Thrust forth laborers, that these would be the days of the great awakenings of the Jewish peoples in Jesus name. Would you refresh our brothers? May they have dreams afresh, a real new sense of a prophetic infusion into the souls. Let them feel, let the church worldwide, the global Ruth is coming to bring their prayers, their strength their encouragement to them. Ord bring Jew and gentile together in this great and final wave. Bring in Yeshua as king in Jesus name amen.





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