DAY 35 – Africa Shall Be Saved!

Apr 4, 2020

"Moses my servant is dead. Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give to them–to the Israelites.” – Joshua 1:2

I write this devotional in a prayer grotto at Every Home for Christ in Colorado Springs. The name of the grotto is Issachar, named after the sons of Issachar, who knew the times and what Israel ought to do.

At the time that I was writing this, we had just received the news that Reinhard Bonnke, the great evangelist of Africa, had passed away. At the very time of Reinhard’s passing, his spiritual son and successor, Daniel Kolenda, was preaching to tens of thousands in a Christ for all Nations (CfaN) crusade. Daniel wrote that there couldn’t have been a more fitting legacy to Reinhard’s life than thousands being saved at the moment of his passing. Many times you can discern the times and the seasons of historic shifts by the passing of great men of God into their eternal reward.

Two years ago, God spoke to us that when Billy Graham died, an evangelistic explosion would be released like there has never been before. Now, two years later, Reinhard Bonnke, whose crusades saw millions saved in one gathering, has died. For the past ten years we have pondered the passing of these two men and the coming of stadium Christianity, where mighty evangelists would rise and fill stadiums and thousands would be saved and healed and the media would not be able to ignore it. In fact, we put pictures of Billy Graham and Reinhard Bonnke on the walls of our prayer room. As we looked at these pictures of their massive gatherings, we cried, “Lord of the Harvest, hurl forth laborers into the harvest field!” We believe this is a sons of Issachar moment, to discern the times of a new generation who will arise with a double portion anointing of these two men.

In the transition from John the Baptist to Jesus, when the baton was being passed, Jesus, the ultimate evangelist, seized His moment, fasted 40 days, and came out in the power of the Holy Spirit. The earth has never been the same since!

Is the call to this 40-day fast at the very passing of Reinhard Bonnke an accident? No! With all my heart I believe the globe will fast 40 days and follow Jesus’ ancient pathway to power. The globe is in a moment of a divine reenactment of Jesus’ fast for Jesus’ power.

Lord, we thank you that Billy Graham and Reinhard Bonnke shook the world, but we believe that their ceiling is our stepping stone. Let men and women all across the globe seize their divine moment and lay hold of this 40-day fast for the greatest harvest in history! Amen.

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  1. Beth Greene

    Yesterday, 4/3/20, I saw a very hopeful commercial on TV showing the empty Stadiums & promising that in time the games would come back, life would resume its normalcy. As I saw the empty hopeful Stadium I ‘heard’ Paul Cain speaking his Stadium Prophesy and realized this Pandemic is what will usher it in!! The Stadiums WILL be empty, people will not have the money to support the games anymore and so many people sick & dying will be able to flood into them for prayer…it perplexed me his statement that people would ‘bring their dead’ and ambulances would deliver the dead for the hope of being resurrected by this group of name-less/face-less Christians…and the ‘press’ would be there with not much else to cover but this pandemic and the Hope of a REAL CHRIST Powerful move of LOVE Healings of every kind imaginable & needed…but here it is upon us now, the dynamics that will bring it about unless God intervenes & stops the Pandemic. But it looks to me like this devastating situation we are in is exactly what He is allowing for the greater good and we’re just going to have to walk thru the fire this time and get this show of TRUE LOVE on the road…John Paul Jackson in his ‘Perfect Storm’ Prophesy said the first wave would be ‘little but FEAR’ and the second wave more devastating. If we believe the Prophets, this is our ‘first wave’…this is where we put our pants & shoes on work out our own fears, pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and get ready to run into battle next round. TRUE LOVE is the only thing we need here…the TRUE LOVE of JESUS expressed.


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