DAY 6 – Atomic Power

Mar 6, 2020

“As the Creator is greater than that which He has created, so is the power wielded by the Christian through fasting and prayer greater than that wielded by the atomic scientist.”  – Franklin Hall     

    Twenty years ago, I was approached by a YWAM leader who asked me to help him call the whole world to a 40-Day Fast. I thought to myself, “Lord, nobody knows who I am, but I’ve seen enough of your power. If this is you, have a prophet call me with a dream that I am flying a plane and dropping an atomic bomb.” At the time, I was reading a book that would be pivotal in my life: Atomic Power With God Thru Fasting And Prayer by Franklin Hall. That night, a prophet called me with that exact dream! I was flying a plane and dropping an atomic bomb! Whoa!

     It was in 1946 that Franklin Hall released this booklet and it began to fly across the world. It seemed as if for an entire season the spirit and grace of fasting rested on the Church. Reports of fasting from around the world began to come forth, with many testifying of God’s supernatural power and salvation. But I believe much more was happening. I am now convinced that a global season of fasting and prayer precipitated a worldwide miracle harvest. Franklin Hall said that 1946 through 1950 was a fasting era. By 1952, two hundred thousand Atomic Power books and over six million pieces of literature were published and distributed all over the world by Hall and his team.

     Within the year following Hall’s release of Atomic Power, healing evangelists like Oral Roberts and T.L. Osborn launched their ministries with extended fasting. T.L. Osborn read Hall’s book in 1947 and was stirred to enter into long fastings which launched him into one of the most remarkable evangelistic careers. Hundreds of thousands attended his crusades. Miraculous healings and deliverances followed. Osborn thanked Hall for his impact through the book, saying, “Our lives have been revolutionized by fasting and prayer.” Oral Roberts fasted seven months in 1947 and then his renowned healing ministry broke out.

    Franklin Hall’s newsletter stated that “A few of the other (not too well-known then) ministers who had major fasting experiences by our writings in the 1946, 1947 to 1950 fasting era and who also became famous (as healing evangelists) are: Wm. Freeman, Gordon Lindsay, A.A. Allen, O.L. Jaggers, Gayle Jackson, Oral Roberts, David Nunn, Wm. Branham, W.V. Grant, Wm. Hagen, Dale Hanson, and Tommy Hicks” (Don’t Cry For Me Argentina).

    Do you see the pattern? Unknown evangelists rediscovered the power of the Jesus Fast (extended fasting without food) and a divine reenactment of Jesus’ power exploded on the earth. That was 70+ years ago. The sick and the dying, the harassed and the helpless demand a new manifestation of Jesus’ healing power. And shall not we, the children of these Pentecostal forerunners, turn our hearts back to them and return to the sacrifice of the 40-day fast? What if thousands globally entered into the Jesus Fast? I tell you, stadiums will be filled all over the globe and the world will come flocking to Jesus, who is the Savior, Healer, Baptizer, and Soon-Coming King!

 Who was Tommy Hicks? 


  1. Moses mbuga ssemanda

    I am blessed to know the source of God’s power through prayer and fasting.
    Please put me on your mailing list.

  2. Martha Taylor

    Thanks! I need this book…I need to do this!! The world surely needs us to do this now!!!

  3. alinuwe simba

    i need more teaching fasting &prayer


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