The Global Fast of Ruth

The Global Call of Ruth was born in a dream in a hotel in Jerusalem in 2007. For years I have been pondering its message and waiting for the time of its release. My prophet friend and I were speaking at the Onething conference in Jerusalem. While there, he dreamed that we received a phone call from 4 Ruths.

  1. Ruth Graham (the wife of Billy Graham) representing the 1948  establishment of Israel as a nation, and the corresponding 1948 worldwide explosion of evangelism.
  2. Ruth Heflin (an amazing prophetess and worship leader who lived and ministered in Israel for 26 years), representing the Presence of the Lord coming to Israel.
  3. Ruth Prince (Derek Prince’s wife). Derek, my mentor, loved and lived in Israel and taught profusely on the prophetic destiny of the Jewish people. Ruth, in the dream, was representing the church’s embrace of Israel’s end-time purpose.
  4. Ruth (the biblical woman in the book of  Ruth) representing a global churchwide covenant saying, “Your people shall be my people, and your God shall be my God.”

A second dream immediately followed the first dream. In this dream, Dutch Sheets and I were calling for a Global Spiritual Aliyah.

The dream interpretation came clearly to us. At the time we were mobilizing for TheCall Nashville 07/07/07. We understood the dream to mean that the days would come when the 4 Ruth’s, the global gentile Ruth bride, would receive a call from heaven, a Call of united global fasting to turn her heart affections, passions, and prayers to Israel and the Jewish people saying, “Your people shall be my people, and your God shall be my God.”

We felt from our study of Ruth that the gentile bride of Christ in this fast would find and deepen her first love for Jesus as she seeks refuge under the wings of her Kinsman-Redeemer Yeshua.

Then clearly, we understood that, though not able to make natural Aliyah, where like Naomi the natural Jews return from the bitterness of their diaspora to their homeland of Israel, many in the gentile church would make spiritual Aliyah like Ruth. They will marry their hearts to Yeshua, the Jewish people and land of Israel in preparation for the last days when the One New Man will bring forth the Son of David when He comes to set up his kingdom throne in Jerusalem.

This Ruth Call, we understood, would come in the time when Romans 11:12-15 would begin to be fulfilled, the time when the Jews begin to come to Christ in fullness. Such a movement will be like life from the dead for the whole world, a massive worldwide spiritual awakening.

Recently while flying to meet with the leaders of The Send, suddenly the Lord spoke to me saying, “When Ruth begins to glean in Israel’s field by praying for her salvation, then she will begin to reap the full gentile harvest blessings of the kinsman redeemer in the line of Boaz, Yeshua, the Messiah himself.”

We also believed that this Ruth Call would come at a time of growing anti-semitism and that this fast would in a measure, restrain the anti-christ and anti-semitic spirit arising in the earth.

My friend and apostolic leader in Israel, Asher Intrater, humbly appealed that we hold the Yeshua Ruth fast April 14-May 23 Pentecost Sunday. On that historic Jewish holy day Moses delivered the law and 3000 died. On that same holy day of the casting of the Omer came Pentecost and the Holy Spirit was given and 3000 came alive in Yeshua. At this same time of Pentecost, The story of Ruth is celebrated. We have come to an Upper Room convergence to pray for the outpouring of the Spirit from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.

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