Jessica Coombs

Hey Lou! So this particular testimony started almost 4 years ago. But firstly, God has built my heart to love North Dakota since I was 12; that’s also when I was going through depression, self-harm, and in my freshman year, 3 suicide attempts. In the 3 years, I struggled, I had the same youth leader and she was the only adult who knew about my struggles. She covered me in prayer all those years and because of her obedience and God’s claim on my heart, I did not succeed in my attempts. The last half of high school was spent learning how Papa sees and loves me. I knew I wanted to be a servant like her. Who knows how her heart groaned for me and how glad it made Papa’s heart that she loved like that. I knew I wanted that level of intimacy with God, that I could pray and love and support the hearts of broken kids. How could I not after witnessing the power of her warfare for me?
Harvey is plagued with the strongmen of religion and suicide that specifically targets the youth. It has been that way since the earliest summer I can remember. Well, after I graduated high school, I wanted to take a year off to make a decision for college. Before I left Florida, I went to a conference put on by The International House of Prayer. During a time of intercession, God immediately told me to intercede for Harvey, ND. He said, “I will come like a deluge. Because they are my children and I love them.” I knew then that I would be there for longer than a year. Fast forward a year after moving and working at the local hospital as a CNA, it became clear to me that Papa was keeping me from seeing death and even being around it. My friends told me to ask God, so I did, and I was led to Numbers 6. The Nazirite vow was not something I remembered learning about or even paying attention to, but my eye was immediately caught by them not being allowed to be around death. Well, I took all of it literally, which wasn’t hard, until a few months later when I found my first dead patient. Then I had to chop my hair anyway because of scalp psoriasis. After that, I never heard anything else about it from God. And I had absolutely forgotten about it until I saw the chapter named Nazirite DNA.
Lou, let. Me. Tell. You.
I was absolutely shook.
Completely wrecked and exhilarated like the best Christmas morning surprise puppy times 10.
I read and reread that chapter and was so moved and encouraged. It literally opened up a new realization of my identity in Christ. This fast of mine was not perfect like I wanted it to be, I failed more than once. But your encouragements helped me seek God further when I did fail. I hope I can maintain this spirit of fasting even though it is challenging. But I welcome the challenges because I know my security doesn’t come from myself. I’m ready to embrace my Nazirite calling.


I was specifically praying for wisdom and direction over this fast for the next season of my life. Not only did God make it abundantly clear, but he also spoke prophetically and through dreams related to my calling to Brazil and Canada. Much much happened but one of the things that struck me the most was that I had been working on releasing an album for almost a year and I finally released my first song. Only later did I realize I released it on the 40th day of my fast! As Jesus' fast propelled him into his calling, I believe this fast propelled me into mine and released God's song through me!


I just wanted to share with you that this fast was an amazing experience and I am so very thankful for Lou, and this fast. It was the longest fast I’ve ever done and it was the most disciplined fast I’ve ever done. The end because pretty tough and at one point painful, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I see with so much clarity now. God has been moving mountains and His beauty is everywhere. When I got back from the Send I quit my job because I did not like it and the Lord gave me the grace to do it. Then, He blessed me with a great position at Daystar and then I was promoted there after a week and a half. My job is such a blessing and it’s funny because I cook in the cafe and I wasn’t able to try any of the food, just cooked it and hoped they liked it. Lol I also went to a worship night at my church and I received 5 prophetic words that are so spot on in my life. Not only that but the whole time I was at the Send the Lord was really speaking to me about His grace being sufficient. All I had to do was trust Him with everything and that’s exactly what I did and He blessed me beyond measure. I started noticing people around me who’s faith was growing and their relationship with the Lord was increasing. I can’t help but think it’s because of everyone that partnered in this fast and prayed for an Ekballo of laborers into the harvest field. I dreamed more than I’ve ever dreamed and the Lord is speaking to me about adoption and children’s ministry. I feel so refreshed and awakened. I feel like my next mission trip is so close I can taste it, I’m just waiting on the Lord. This fast was so special to me and I’m just extremely thankful for the opportunity. God bless!

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