Thank you! This fast has been filled with God-appointments that we’re only fulfilled with divine timing. I started this fast after attending The Send. I believe one of the primary reasons I was there was to pick up this mighty tool as my family is moving to Northern Ireland in the next month!

I loved all of the calls at The Send - but it was the call to fast and pray that actually brought me joy! It was a year prior that I had read The Jesus Fast and My heart burned within me to encounter Jesus for myself and to contend for revival in the place of fasting. So I set my heart to begin this fast.

The day after The Send I met up with some friends in St. Petersburg, FL. They had previously been with us on a short term trip to Ireland. On the trip, they encountered the power of God through praying and worshipping for the nations. Since that time, they’ve been burning for Jesus and praying/worshipping and contending for revival over their city.

So, I attended their gathering the day after The Send and while I was there they prayed in faith that we would receive the remaining funding that we needed to launch to Ireland. We needed $1200/mo to proceed.

The next morning, while at the beach resting from the amazing weekend, I got a call from a friend in Illinois who said that he had been praying for us over the last day or two and he really felt like the Lord was telling him that their church was to fill the gap of what we needed financially! I wept at the faithfulness and love of God! The next day, it was all finalized and the church started the support that has now made it possible to “be Sent”.

As I looked at my calendar for the 40 days of fasting, I was traveling a lot and even taking a group to Northern Ireland. I decided not to do a water only fast, but to fast from many things that brought me comfort (caffeine, sweets, etc) and is fast from food every weekend (with the exception of the two I was traveling abroad).

While in Ireland though I saw God working in opening up new connections, new relationships that I’m sure will be building blocks of contending for revival in Ireland and Europe! So many meetings and relationships began that were only possible because of Gods sovereign timing!

During the fast, especially in the last two weeks, I’ve been having more dreams from the Lord, an increase in the prophetic, and I’m seeing sinful desires be squashed!

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