Today is the anniversary of Azusa Now, the day my husband, Joel, and I felt the invitation from the Lord, in that powerful gathering, to dedicate the rest of our lives to building a prayer movement from our corner of the world. We started Westlake International House of Prayer that summer and have been praying and fasting regularly since. I didn’t get to read your Day 39 blog until today, and I’m weeping as I read of your prompt to continue fasting and prayer, because I have feel that invitation also. God has used this current 40-day fast to remind me how much we want His revival and how much prayer is required. I can’t ignore the invitation, nor do I want to, even though today has been the toughest day of temptation with food - my husband bought a coconut cream pie and set it on the counter in preparation for tomorrow’s end of the fast! By God’s grace I too will press on to 2020. Thank you for your blog. It has been such an encouragement.

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