This has been my first 40 day fast that has actually been a sacrifice. In the times past, I only would give up sweets...which I love (inherited sweet tooth over here). But this time around I was looking forward to the struggle of giving up a lot more than that. I tried to stay practical at the same time, doing something I could maintain and that would work with work, taking care of 3 kids, etc. I kept to a strict Daniel Fast during the weekdays and juice/water only for Friday-Sunday. I wanted to give up more than just what I eat, but also what I spend my time doing. I didn't give up my job, even though that's what I spend most of my day doing. But I laid down social media, television, and all online shopping (things that take up extra time). There has been so much grace! I'm actually so shocked that what I thought would be very difficult for me has not been very hard. I did water only fast for the first time...trying to lean in more and push myself. I ended up getting pretty sick and ending the water only after 24 hours. If I felt lead I would do it again. I had a really powerful dream that the Lord opened up to me again and again over the course of a few days! There hasn't only been grace for the sacrifice of food but I've actually been waking up early every morning and spending my waking moments (roughly half an hour) with the Lord. That is something I never thought I'd be able to do. I love my sleep and I'm not a morning person. But it's been easy! And I love it. I've been journaling my journey because I felt like that was something the Lord whispered to me before I began. I've been practicing meditating on scripture, which I never understood until I heard Bill Johnson explain a couple of weeks ago. I really have mixed emotions about ending this fast. It's been so refreshing to me. I definitely feel called to making fasting a regular part of my life, it never has been before. And I definitely want to keep being disciplined and not revert back to the lazy life I was living. I'm thankful for the tool of fasting and I'm thankful for people like Lou who are living examples, who practice what they preach, who are living sacrifices. Thank you, Lou!

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