My fast involved laying down a whole list of things that drew me away from God. Dietary restrictions, social media, texting, social emails, and secular tv.
I made room for my heavenly father and He has shown me so much. He has worked in mighty ways in my husband, who did not fast, but as a result of my 34 yrs of praying and honoring God, has been catapulted into a season of growth in the Lord.
I have a journal full of miracles and wonders..of revelation and growth for me during this time. My fast ends on Good Friday when my spiritual mentor and Co-laborer in Christ...my daughter, will come here to NH to spend Resurrection weekend. She has been fasting as well and there has been a mighty move of God in her life.
We both know that this time of true consecration will be melded with the host of others who engaged with Father God, and together, our prayers for a worldwide revival will indeed come to pass.

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