I had been looking for when you were starting the 40 days fast but missed it. Independently the Lord started me on a 40-day water fast which I did successfully when younger, joining on your 15th day. I was getting pretty weak and the Lord changed it to a 20/20 fast, 20 on water and 20 on organic homemade veggie broth and juice. I was rocked by your Day 26 Stonewall devotional which changed my perspective totally. I never heard this word of Bob's before. A week ago I discovered a tumor in my vagina, but He says I will triumph over it without surgery. At the same time, the Lord called me to apply to run for the new People's Party of Canada to be a Minister of Parliament in Ottawa. I live near Toronto, but my 3 sons are in Sacramento living troubled lives, but I'm believing for a total breakthrough for them as well as the Lord launches me into this next season of my life. Thank you so much, Lou, for inspiring and informing me so I can join in the Ekballo prayers especially for the LGBTQ. God bless you MORE

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