Gods timing has been something I have yet to comprehend but I am beginning to awaken to His presence and our purpose He intends for us to become more aware of!
Thank you, Lou, for your life and all you bring to us and the fire that is setting my heart ablaze this country, and the nations!
My first extended fast has been challenging but much more rewarding! I will tell of some of the chance timing of things that may seem small coincidences but in my eyes are the whispers from God that set my heart on course for the mission I was born for!
Even today as I read about Frank Bartleman in the devotional, it wasn’t 12 hours ago that I was reading Flashpoint of Revival (chap2 The Jesus Fast) for the first time and was moved even more so!
Also yesterday I opened a new copy of The Passion Translation I ordered from Bethel Church and the first page I opened to in John 4:31 is titled: The Harvest is Ready.
!!!! Wow!!!!!!
Last week I happened to take a shower with my new watch on and hadn’t realized it and hoped that I could dry it out but later on in the day realized it had stopped working but also noticed it had stopped precisely at 3:16 pm! Later even I noticed that the verse of the day in my YouVersion Bible app was John 3:16!!!!!!
Gods divine whisper has brought me closer and closer and finally at worship yesterday a moment I have been crying for as I was overwhelmed by His presence on me I had uncontrollable tears and emotion I couldn’t hold back. I have been praying for the Baptism of the Spirit and I know it’s coming! I want to burn for my family and for my city and for the world to see so they might come alive and know the Father!
This last 39 days has surely set me on a course of transformation and given me such a heightened awareness of Gods supernatural abilities to change me every day through prayer-fasting- and feeding off of the Word!
Yay God!

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