This is not my first forty days fast but it has been significant in many ways. My husband and I are high school teachers in southern Utah on the Navajo Reservation. During this forty day fast, we've had several night visitors. On one occasion, I literally felt clawing across my back. We immediately went into worship and prayer! The democratic is trembling here and grasping to hold ground. We have been praying for sons and daughters in this region and have had some success but things are shifting and I know more are going to come to Christ soon. I bought a t-shirt at the Send that says, ask me for prayer and I wear it on Fridays. Four students have come to me for personal prayer! Finally, it is significant to note that my health and energy has been restored during this fast. I also have a strong sense from the Lord to continue fasting throughout this year. I'm being prompted to fast nine days at a time with a few days in between. I'm not certain why nine but I'm going to be faithful. I'm sure it has something to do with my Nazarite DNA. Thank you, Lou, for continuing your morning devotional.

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