I attend MPN Milano, Italy and just last Sunday we received a prophetic word, a man who knew nothing about our church told us the street address and said that it was on God's heart and it will be known throughout the world just like the address of Asuza street for the revival that will take place here...praise God...I moved here 20 years ago from Ireland because God had given me a picture of the main square where I live, PAVIA, crowded with worshipers. Many times I have been tempted to go back to Ireland but I made a promise to God that until I see that vision fulfilled, i would stay. I believe that we are entering the beginning of this revival as our church is experiencing a visitation from the Holy Spirit weekly and lives are being changed. I praise God and I know this is connected with the world-wide church fasting, praying with passion for souls and begging God to hurl out workers into the harvest. Thank you, each and every one of you for your obedience and faithfulness to God.

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