With the chaos I’ve been going through at home, I’ve been praying for peace and silence so I can hear God more and I’ve been literally desperate. Well this past week my brother has been with his daughter and I had peace and quiet, well he’s got accepted into a rehab facility for alcoholism to get sober and to become better, that he will be going to Tuesday for 45 days in Fort Laudable. It’s crazy how 40 that number seems to be powerful. God is definitely working and I truly see it happening. God is truly doing great things and one thing one of my pastors , whos been a big help to me in this process , Pastor Samuel Rolon in his preaching that I’ve been working on is to try to remain positive and not speak negative so every day I always say it’s going to be a good day and put God first and spend time with Him before work, that makes a huge difference . When we stay faithful to God He is faithful on to us. I read one of your devotionals that you shared, with where it talked about someone extending the JESUS FAST and I had it on my heart to do so and wanted a sign to do it. The head pastor of my church wanted the whole church to be part of a 40-day prayer and it would end with the whole church gathering together for a youth service combining the whole church, that’s everything to me where we can gather together and spend time with the one Who Saved Us. So my JESUS Fast will end on the 26 of April, God is doing great things and I want to keep this up to go deeper with Him. And eventually go out there and pray for people with courage And boldness.

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