I have had you on my heart for several weeks. I keep remembering a small gathering at Shekinah Worship Center probably 8 years ago with Pastor Joe Sweet. In that evening gathering, you came out from around the pulpit, came down into the second row, stood in front of me and said, “Brother do not neglect the prophetic..”
I just wanted you to know that I consider that word a launching pad for where I am today. I am (at the age of 62) now in full-time ministry at one of the largest churches in San Francisco. I have not neglected the prophetic and I am not sure why I have you so strongly on my heart, but I feel the heart of the Father somehow as I write this email to you.
I sense the Lord's heart for San Francisco and some of the things that He is doing here in healing this City. I just feel like letting you know that I support and pray for you, and consider the words that you spoke many years ago a part of the calling that the Lord has had on my life.

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