🙋🏻‍♀️Blessings Brother, my Testimony has been as I live by Faith this Past 9 months since I found my self without a home as a single Mother Sharing custody with the Father of my kids.
And now this Fast. Has been more Peace of God within me. I’m very sensitive to the Spirit and seems ( discerning of the spirits ) and seems like has been much better the freedom within, as I sleep 😴 through the night (God wakes me up sometimes in the night) like He said that He will restore my dreams and vision. Seems like has been an acceleration like He said in my life. I have been having Mantels, Prophets passing double portions of Impartations of what they have to me, lots of Wisdom, Warrior Peace, Purity of Heart, Faith and an Axe etc in all this time. Because God has given me lots of Projects and is equipping me for them. I’m taking several. Classes that He said that God Already equipped me but He wants me to be Certified as a Minister Pastor (3 yrs of School also School of the Prophetic, and others like Liberations (which already tooked Classes in the past but now with a different teacher, Dreams and Visions, as well) because of the Projects that are coming up etc also He added 8 more days so total 48 days to pray for the Nations where He will Send me that already told me decades ago ... and for my marriage which already shows me who will be my future Husband but seems like nothing it’s happening in the natural but I trust God. He will bring me a Husband in His Time. New Business, reconciliation with my kids this year, a move to another city. Mmmmm I just think that the Fasting has increased or reinforced what God already told me and to be set free of the enemy bugging me every day, especially in the night (I’m living with Mormons and it’s stuff in around the house that it’s not from God. I’m in Utah) Even so it’s not a diet the Fasting, I lost 30 lbs in the Picture I was on my 7 days of just water 💦 and I felt Great. To the Glory of God!!! 😀 Holy Spirit gave me the Menu and told me what to buy. One week just Water 💦 and Amazing vitamins but I run out of one and God said my Grace it’s Sufficient and not just by bread 🥖 live a men but by His Word... then 7 days of Salads and bread 🥖 with sunflower seeds, then 7 days of soup 🍲 and Salads (simple salads no tomato 🍅 nor avocado 🥑 but at the end was dry tomato ) with bread (flat Naan, flat Greek, and this last one bread with seeds) and go back to repeat 7 days with just Water 💦 etc He did not want me to do just Water hope this make sense 😊 I’m Mexican and English it’s my second language. Thank you 🙏🏼 for your Faithfulness Lou, Blessings for you and your Family and all this People Fasting all over the world 🌎 Ekballo etc we are moving and like God said to a Prophet Ken Christmas last year, that God said no more men’s turn but God turn that He will lift up Jesus name and we see it, even more, this Year. Hahaha, Praise God !!! Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life no men come to the Father but by Him. 🙏🏼❤️✝️🔥🕊🛡⚔️🎁❤️🙏🏼😀 In His Love Diana

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