I'm so thankful for the grace of this fast, and I see major shifts happening in my life and family. It's not "looked" like I expected, like a serious fast I had in 2013. This one, the Lord is showing me how His yoke is easy and burden light - not about performance but being. The breakthroughs I am having, are, release of perfectionism, which is affecting my physical being - down two sizes. People pleasing fears, lifting, and destiny becoming clearer and clearer. The family is listening to counsel that I give, miraculous, and seeing breakthroughs happening in their life. Dealing with the core of my being on "codependent" issues, where shame is turning to double honor, boundaries being set, finding my voice, & "knowing" who I AM!!! Deliverance from eating disorder is happening naturally - as He led me to do deep personal work these many years, it's all culminating together for MY GOOD! Truly ~ I feel and know love for myself, and loving others as I love me. Learning to operate from Abundance - not poverty lack, even in my own identity!!! One cannot give of what one does not have or have experienced!!!! THANKFUL and committed to continue for the year as Spirit leads... Donna

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