Being part of this fast stirred up hungry in me to fast more. God gives me a lot of dreams with significant meanings and now I can see much more how dreams can change the course of our lives. But I wanna share one of my dreams in this period.
In the dawn of the day 03/31, I dreamed that I was traveling and I saw the name "Auck". I thought It was related to Auckland city, since in the dream I was abroad. In this day, the devotional was related to Luke 4:18. Then I prayed for Auckland City and asked God to say me what was it the dream about. After 5 days some thought comes to my mind: searching the origin of the city's name. So I found out it literally means oak-land. Therefore I decided to search bible verses with the tree's name. The first one I discovered related to It was Isaiah 61:1-3, and in this right moment I remembered of a prior devotional named "4:18N". Surprisingly, the devotional with Luke 4:18 and my dream It was on the same day, besides, the message of Isaiah 61 from my dream's interpretation is related to Luke's verse.
I believe We must go on praying for the Spirit of the Lord be upon us to set the captive free. Like the oaks trees, we must be resistents in the circumstances, keeping on in His justice, fasting and praying so that He may be glorified and there be the manifestation of his glory.
God bless you all.

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