Irene E Gallagher

I have not been on an extended fast since 2007 (for almost 4 mos) prior to The Call Nashville and it was a strict Daniel fast (vegetables, legumes, water). I also fasted all social media and entertainment and of wearing jewelry, Looking back I believe I was very legalistic about it and there was little joy until the actual day of the call in Nashville. As a consequence I would literally shudder (and internally shake) at the thought of entering another fast. The spirit of God never called me into another one either until I heard about the Jesus Fast and this one grabbed me and has been a delight for me! It's been full of grace, felt full of ease and freedom. I have had greater personal breakthroughs and deeper encounters with Jesus. I now hunger for more for me and for others. I also recently heard in my spirit that I was being called to a life of fasting and prayer; that truly His burden is easy and His yoke is light! Then, I read of your call to embark on another season of fasting for our Jewish brethren and I believe I'm in .

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