What the Lord has done in me and through me during this fast has truly changed my life. I feel so much more spiritually disciplined and passionate for what is on God’s heart. I have never in my life prayed and interceded this much. I have prayed for and seen multiple healings, salvation, and lives restored. I have seen a shift in my family and friends since interceding for them and sharing with them the love of Jesus and their lives are drastically changing. During this fast, Jesus has completely set me free of the fear of man and He has given me a burning heart for adoption and for the nations of the world, including the USA. I’m only 18, but I know that my future husband has to have a heart for this as I do and like Andy Byrd said at the Send, “if the person your dating doesn’t want to adopt then they probably are not the one!”. I know that I will continue fasting and praying and focusing on God more and more as this fast has instilled a deep hunger to know more of Him. I am so in love with Jesus and it feels like my life of getting to really know Him is just beginning!

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