We have included no media as a part of this fast. Before the fast, the Lord gave my wife a dream where a number of different moves of God came together to pray for Israel. During the fast, the Lord has been reviving in my heart a decade old prophetic word I had received about Israel and abortion. "The measure by which Americans contend to end abortion is the same measure by which she will be used to contend for Israel in the last days. By this same measure, she will also see a revival of prayer, holiness, and fulfilling of the Great Commission. The Lord is raising up the Champions of Israel from the womb of this generation." Our leading during this fast, there were far too many confirmations, is to start a local house of prayer, but not just a house of prayer. It will be a house of missions, of ekballo, of ending abortion, of being watchman for Israel. This fast has been one of those "never looking back" type of moments for our family.

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