This is the first time I've fasted and it really meant something to me. Fasting, for me before, was always something I did to join everybody else and became a ritual of rules I had placed in myself and then maybe God will hear my request....sigh...

As I grew in my relationship with my Father I realized there was so much more to fasting and so I just didn't fast. I wanted to understand more the purpose of fasting before I once again fell into that ritualistic striving to "be a good Christian" thing.

Then I went to The Send and I heard that call to fast echo across the crowd of people and I heard my Father nudge ever so gently with His whispers of love beckoning me to draw near to Him. I fought it. But the nudge persisted. So I thought about what I could fast. I kept hearing "Dive in, Jill. Go in over your head! Trust Me!" And so I did.
In my fast, I researched fasting and listened to some teachings and I realized that fasting is just spending more time with my Father...knowing Him and just being with Him.
He showed me things I needed to see about myself and my relationships. I didn't have dreams or get these grand entrepreneurial ideas or write intimate worship songs or receive this passion for my purpose but I did get to know my Father a little better and His love for me. He is my Shepherd and I am a sheep who hears her Shepherd's voice and I KNOW He is leading me to green pastures and still waters. And I am content.

Thank you for the blog every day. It was soooo encouraging and challenging as well.
You are a blessing.
With a grateful heart,
Jill Hatter

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