Too many testimonies Lou, I'm not sure I can resume them in this box, I'll try...

Last year I had a dream, In the dream I was in a park of a town in Colombia (I live in Colombia ;) ) And there I was singing a new song for God with some young musicians , one of them was playing the guitar , other one was a female singer.. suddenly y saw all over the park a lot of shoes. there were a lot of them and they starting flying from the park to the heaven , they flew to the sky like fireworks. Similar to a spacecraft launch.

I really don't remember how I met thesend. But it just came up ! And when I saw the video of all this missionaries lifting their shoes to the sky I almost fall in tears. I truly believe that this ministry is inspired by God and that every vision the Lord gave to you and you shared in this Jesus Fast is from God.

I sing to the Lord since I know Jesus.. but I was frustrated because all my worship dreams and ministry with God seemed to vanish and extinguish. I had a deep pain in my spirit because I felt that the time was moving forward and I was just sitting at the side of the road while the live and revival passes away and I felt so bad about that. But after that dream, the Lord started opening doors for me to worship him. And when you told us about the sons of thunder vision, at the same time the Lord gave to one friend and I a letter and music of one song that came up from the bottom of our hearts. And is just amazing the way that this is flowing really is God opening Doors moving to the accomplishment of that musical dream that I have in my heart to worship him. Lou thanks for saying yes to the Lord, I'm part of the sons of thunder you dream of and you fast for. Thanks for fasting and praying for me for almost 10 years thank you!! Hope to meet you In One of this huge parks and stadiums that the Lord will give us to fulfill the 20/20 vision. The movement of God that is happening thought your ministry is truly touching US and all the nations.

Keep going! And if the Lord gives me the chance to continue fasting and praying with you surely I will keep doing it with you.

Big big big hug and big big blessings for you Lou!

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