Thank you, Lou, so much, I only heard of you at the beginning of this fast and your blogs have been such encouragement as you have imparted a grace to fast, please do continue!
I am from the UK and for the last few years have felt dry and disconnected to the Lord, this fast has been me stoking my hunger and passion, I have not fasted as you, my offering has been small but my faith has grown to want to continue ongoing- it has been a sweet time with the Lord. Plus the calling on my life and the breakthrough for our society make it to important not to.
Personally during this fast God has confirmed to me that our family is to adopt. I heard Krish Kandaiah, ‘Home for Good’ speak at our church and received prayer as I accepted the call to adopt, a few days later your blog was saying the same.
I can confirm the great link between adoption and the end of abortion, in prayer I have sensed God’s heart for both and believe as the church steps up to adopt there will be a spiritual backlash against abortion.
God bless you, Lou,

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