This was my first 40 day fast. It was not easy but God met me in profound ways. I feel a greater sense of awareness of Him and the need to fast. Thank you, Lou for pointing us to the bigger picture and helping us find our spiritual compass through this journey. Your daily devotions challenged me and I am eternally grateful. I pray fresh fire over you and your whole team. This is a poem God gave me recently called "The Current". It is about the prayer movement on the earth. God bless.
"The Current"
Living inside a current is a movement that demands no restraint. Pulling with such force. In its wake space and matter collide. Pushing the impossible.
The momentum never ceases. Giving way to new realms.
Living inside a current is a movement that changes the course of history. Sound and light recognize its impact. Moving with synchronized harmony through the corridors of time. Unstoppable. The current flows. Widening and deepening. It accesses difficult and dark spaces. Pulsing electrical shockwaves through time. Awakening history’s heart to its intended purpose.

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