My family of 6(kids ages ranging from 15-10) attended the Send. My parents (I am the oldest child) always want to experience what God has for our family, and The Send was a way Of opening doors for us.

Throughout the day of the Send, Andy Byrd and others called out for people to come forward to adopt children. My family almost simultaneously agreed that we were being called to bring a child into our home and give them a life, and show them the love of God.

2 days after the Send, we are driving home, to Knoxville, Tennessee, and my parents and I are working together to research the best way to go about adopting. We immediately felt weird when looking into the process. We agreed that if God really wanted to have us do this, he’d show us the kid he wanted us to have.

A few days go by, and my mom calls a friend who has 3 adopted children of their own, for advice. He tells her of a family who had just introduced themselves to him (specifically, on the Sunday after the Send). They had 2 little kids, age 3 and 5, who they had been fostering for 2 years, and needed a home for them so that they didn’t have to go back into foster care.

Fast forward to today. God has moved in mighty ways. It is a private adoption, and these two adorable children will be moving in with us the first week of May, with guardianship transferred by the end of April. Adoption papers will be signed by Christmas of this year!

Through our obedience, God has given brother and sister, Bella Elizabeth and Jeremiah King, a new home that will raise them to be warriors for Christ!!

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