Divine Encounters & A Monthly 24 Hours Worship Birthed

Couldn't stop praising the LORD for what HE has done during this JESUS fast movement and more to come. Expectation of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit touched down all over America and into the world. Ekballo!

So thankful to JESUS for you Lou. For your faithfulness, willingness, and obedience.

Had an amazing time with God the Father the Son the Holy Spirit!
This is my first time participating a fast with thousands of JESUS lovers. Because your daily email of encouragement and focus prayer led us all in one accord one voice. No matter what time we pray, the Holy Spirit directs His Angelic Hosts to partner with us as we pray. HE keeps them so busy that our hearts move Heaven onto the Earth. Surely every one of us has special encounters with the Almighty!

On March 21, divine encounter came and experiences of Heavenly signs, a monthly 24 hours worship night being birthed in Wenatchee WA. Expectations of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit over Wenatchee and the surrounding towns that will shift the atmosphere and its culture; reformation will happen from true transformation and, wholeness comes in many forms. Restoration of communication and relationships happened today. For me and a sister in Christ. She and I made a plan to work on our differences so we may once again, become partners in Christ as the LORD has called me to move here in Wenatchee WA.
GOD Is Faithful and HE Is Worthy To Be Praise!

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story of JESUS. I have learned so much from you dear brother Lou and would love to continue to follow your blog.

With deep gratitude first to our Lord JESUS Christ and to you dear brother Lou.
Your sister,
MaryAnn Goon

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