Thank you so much Lou! I have been following your ministry for a while, and I have been so encouraged, but these daily devotionals during the 40 day fast have extremely encouraged and empowered me. I have been having dozens of dreams over these last forty days; that is something of a rarity in the past, and if I did have a dream it was usually one that I was relieved was not real life. But God has spoken to me so much in these days through that. Additionally, these devotionals have deeply challenged me to be all God has called me to be. That is a good thing! I am so so thankful! Praise God for your obedience and fatherly encouragement. It has changed my life. I believe God is calling me to pioneer some movements in abortion and revival, and your ministry has catalyzed boldness and urgency for this. We will contend until all the nations bow the knee in word and conduct to King Jesus.
Again thank you Lou!

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