My family and I had decided not to go back to the Dominican Republic this summer on a week-long mission. The cost was a lot for the effectiveness of what 3 of us could do, and I had also decided that being a nurse, I wanted my next mission to be medical. While I was at the Send, I kept thinking that out-of-the-country missions was NOT for me. I have been organizing a street ministry here at home and helping with another community outreach to low-income areas here in Georgia which sometimes feel like being in a developing country. I saw my need here. However, for some unknown reason, I have experienced a bit of general dissatisfaction. I still didn’t think I was being called to do any additional mission. I have been fasting all along with you, reading my Bible and praying.

While in Orlando for the Send, we prayed for three hours in a restaurant with two precious friends we had only just met who were also attending the Send the next day. When we were ready to leave, we asked the workers behind the counter if we could pray for them. One defensively answered that they did not need prayer, bc they pray 5 times daily. They were Muslims from Morocco and had watched us pray together, out loud, and with their customers for the last three hours!!!!! One complimented us on the good we were doing. We had no idea!

Two weeks ago I got a call from a friend and long-term missionary. She asked me to join her on a 9 day trip to Ghana running medical clinics. Some of what we will do will be directly with the Muslim demographic.

Every door has flung wide open for me and I have not had a stumbling block about getting off work, family obligations, etc. I am going to Africa this summer for my first time ever.

Getting to do all Of this is God giving me the secret desire of my heart at a time I did absolutely not foresee. I am tearing up writing these words. God bless all of your efforts and PRAISE GOD. I am among those being sent now, although I did not believe that would be my calling in 2019.

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