I heard God calling me into a fast months before God sent out, into the world, the invitation for the “Jesus Fast” .
Pray excites me...prayer touches deep places in my spirit....I LOVE TO PRAY...I LIVE TO PRAY...BUT I PRAY AND AM CONNECTED TO ETERNITY .

I have walked 46 years reconciled to The Creator ... The Eternal One because of the selflessness sacrifice of JESUS the Son of God ...I have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit....Yet I have never successfully fasted for even a day .... UNTIL NOW
I came to “The Send” thinking I was to old for such an event... that it’s audience would be for younger than my children....but my hunger for more of God was greater than the lie “maybe I’m attending the wrong gathering.” ...

If God's Manifest Presence was going to be at Camping World Stadium THEN SO WAS I!

Now 40 amazing days later This temple in which the Holy Spirit dwells, that I call my body, looks very different to every person, both saved and lost, who knew me a short 40 days ago... there has been a Devine physical transformation of my body in the natural realm... and if things that happen in the natural realm mirror what has happen in the spiritual ... I say “Oh, Happy Day” how different my spirit man must now look in the spiritual realm

I, like Lou, know that God has not released me from the “Jesus Fast”....so Lou I stand with you in continuing to fast

What has changed in me to this point as a participant of the “Jesus Fast”?

And God’s not finished His good work in me yet...

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
In Jesus Name I ask and pray Amen

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