Natalia Claussen

I am so happy to have joined my family in prayers. I began this fast with hope for the world but so many doubts about my own future and here I am now with so many answers and knowing that Jesus is guiding me all the way. During this fast Jesus changed the way I thought and gave me his mind, changed my heart and priorities and I believe much more is still in process. And I thank him for teaching and disciplining me. When I thought I wasn't listening well what he called me to do and asked for help I opened a devotional with Lou praying for a Brazilian to be sent to the Middle East and that was exactly what I had been praying just minutes before I opened my email. That I would hear God's voice telling me that I was on the right path, that I wasn't going crazy for burning for a place I have never put my feet on. I thought Jesus had done plenty telling me that but he wanted to to make my faith grow as well so a week ago I went to a job interview thinking I was applying for a teacher's position when He definitely surprised me giving me a coordinator's job when I have never worked as one, the beautiful thing is that I was going through a hardcore time since I couldn't support myself in Rio, but I stayed cause that's where he asked me to be in order to learn and grow, and suddenly I have the means to stay until he says it's time to go.

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