Patricia Moulton

Not having done a 40-day fast for more than 5 years I felt at age 72 I could not do it. Reluctantly and skeptically I agreed to do it. Previously I did juice fasts so I thought that is what I would do but it didn't feel right. I thought it was cold soup may be a good alternative. I made onion soup. Next onion and cabbage each one was pureed. I had always said juice fast if easier than eating less but God showed me I could eat less on a fast. I was also taking a webinar class Experiencing the Courts of Heaven and got a huge breakthrough as a deep generational sin that existed in me was confessed. My assurance was that I started dreaming which was not common for me. I believe this could not have happened without the fast. Then at the end of the fast I was asked to go to Washington DC to repent with others in the court of heaven for Minnesota's part in abortion which is HUGE in June this year.

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