During the fast I started praying for about 200 people everyday that I wrote down in my journal; my family, DTS classmates and staff, and friends who God put on my heart. I was prompted by my brother to go to Verizon and cancel some tablets that we never used that were adding a good chunk of money to our bill. So I went to the store and while talking to the rep, he said I could upgrade my phone for $1.50 more a month. So I said yes and while we were transferring the data from old phone to the new, the rep asked me why my brother and I kept putting our phone lines on hold. I then explained that we’re missionaries through YWAM, and that he was doing a school in England (SBS) and that I was in Taiwan for part of my DTS. Through that I spoke with him for about an hour about the Gospel, Jesus’s love for him, and missions. When I was leaving the store, I asked to pray for him and he said yes so I got love on him like Jesus. He was promptly added to my list of people to pray for. Praise be to Jesus!

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