This fast has completely changed my world and spiritual life. I started the fast with a craving for more of God, a sense of desperation to see God do something NEW. I began praying with an authority I didn’t have in the past. I felt God was truly listening to my prayers and like he was writing them down. I had INCREDIBLE encounters and moments of worship in my room where I truly felt God was next to me. I had moments where I had full on dialogue with the Lord as I just sat on the floor of my bedroom asking him questions and hearing his answers. As I would go about my day I was see go through the day. As I would go to a church service I felt my worship had grown because my closeness to Jesus had grown. I truly have felt that God has walked with me throughout this fast. I’ve also been so blessed by all the devotionals and resources that have been shared through the fast. I’ve been so encouraged in knowing that thousands of us were fasting for one purpose. I’m sad because the fast is over but I know that this closeness with the Lord and this passion can be carried over and this can be my daily living! Thanks to all for putting this fast together SO excited for what is to come! God will continue to blow our minds.

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