Ryan and Randi F.

My husband Ryan did the 40 days fast. I (Randi) am currently about 11 weeks pregnant. On day 28 of the fast, we found out that the baby I am carrying has stopped growing at 6 weeks gestation and has never developed a heartbeat. I have not miscarried though and remain with the baby in my womb. As we looked at the dates, 6 weeks was the exact beginning of the fast. We are contending for life over this child, and believing God to raise it to life, start its heart beating and resume growing! We have had 2 ultrasounds, and I wait to see a Dr to tell me what they think I should do next. We are praying that medicine and science would bow to the name of Jesus. the fast is over now and we remain walking in this wilderness, contending for our deliverance into the promise that God has given us in this child. We know that in this process of contending for our child to come forth in the natural, God is also showing us that we are to contend for what he wants to grow and birth in the spirit over our city of Saskatoon, Canada. We fight for his promises, believing that he is faithful to fulfill them. We ask that anyone who reads this would join in crashing heaven for this mighty miracle. Father in heaven raises our baby to life in Jesus name. Make this heart begin to beat in Jesus name. Scatter our enemies and bring our promise to a thriving life. We call forth our child’s destiny and declare that it will not be stolen by the enemy. We’re thankful for every prayer that goes up.

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