Ohhh...I can't even begin to express how your heart for revival has moved me in this past 2 months! Prior to February of this year, I had never even heard of you and now I know in my heart that you are my spiritual father. I come from a family of generations of missionaries and pastors but had never yet walked in the ministry in the way that my father and grandfather had. I am a 29-year-old engineer currently live in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii but at the beginning of February of this year, my company moved me temporarily to Manhattan.

While living in New York for the past few months a friend from Kona invited me to "The Send" to which my brother and I attended (I had never heard of the call or the send prior). The presence of God was beyond anything I had experienced in my life and then the next morning in the afterglow of "the send" my aunt (who lives in Orlando) invites me to the 11 am service at Church in the Son and of course there you were again given a message that I have now listened to over 5 times crying out for God to "Show me whats writing in my Scroll"!

I'm emailing you because I want you to know that I joined you in The Jesus Fast and have given up meats and sweets for the past 32 days. As of Monday of this week, I moved to Juice "only" and plan to do only walk for the last 3 days. During this fast (in conjunction with reading your book) God gave me a vision of an underground revival in the subways of New York City and throughout all the subway I heard an echo of worship that was shaking the foundations of the City.

After reading today's devotional, I know that the time is NOW! This Friday night I will be in Penn Station by myself from 7pm-10pm to have an open worship night with my portable speaker and guitar calling down the strongholds of New York City! I know that God has brought me here for a time such as this to proclaim Luke 4:18 in the City of New York!

The Lord gave me an incredible confirmation this weekend when I moved into my new Airbnb that is 1 block from Penn Station (paid for by my company) and when I walked into my bedroom there on the floor was a genuine bear skinned rug. The significance of that moment was that just before the end of last year I wrote a song inspired by the life of young King David. The words are taken from Psalm 138 and is entitled "You made me BOLD" and the chorus of the song goes "you made me bold for the Loin, bold for the Bear and in the valley of my giant you said there's nothing to fear for I am the LORD your God who made these things"....COME ON HOLY SPIRIT!

The purpose of this message is to thank you for your passion for our generation and invite you to please come into agreement with me that God will move in a mighty way tomorrow night at Penn Station!

There's so much more on my heart but for now, I feel this is the first step towards an awakening for NYC!

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