I have gained such clarity re my place in the body. I am His "Anna" (Luke 2:36-38) - set apart for worship, fasting, and prayer - in devotion to Christ, and prayers for the Bride (His church - her maturing in the very nature and mission of Bridegroom Jesus on all mountains of influence!) and with prayers and fasting for the Lost, and the prodigals, and laborers into the harvest fields! I have been ekballo'd as well - serving as an online missionary, sharing the gospel through Global Media Outreach. (https://globalmediaoutreach.com/) I made business cards with encouragements about how LOVED individuals are, and also including gospel links, such as "godlife.com" - which has information on how to receive Jesus, as well as discipleship materials! I have had opportunities to share the gospel on the street. People are very hungry and open to hearing of the love of Jesus, and the good news of salvation. I have never sensed such great CLARITY, PASSION, and FOCUS than has come through this 40 day fast! Like you, God has given me a "race track to run on" (Acts 20:24!) God is on the MOVE! We are in the days of acceleration, and global harvesting! GLORY! I JOIN YOU, precious Lou, in your ongoing vision of revival, awakening, and HARVEST! Praise our Lord!!! God's richest blessings to you, your family, upon your ministry! (Ephesians 3:14-21!) Sue Justice

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