My prayer is for a boldness to share Jesus Christ. On March 8th I was involved in a head on collision with a drunk driver who was dead on the scene. When the collision happened the white airbags surrounded my whole interior of my truck cab the lights came on there was a white powder released from the airbags and I could just feel the presence of the Lord in the cab with me. I now have a platform to stand on asking others if this was you in the other vehicle where would you be for eternity? For a long time I have been thankful for the blessings and favor over my life but it has been taken to a whole new level now. I know what God has called me to do and I am just waiting for him to help me for fill the calling that he’s placed on my life. I have asked Him and continue to ask Him why me why so much favor and blessing over my life and my children’s lives. My mother was Jewish and I was brought up not hearing about Christ but I got to an age where something was missing and I found out that it was Jesus Christ. I praise Him and thank Him for allowing me to share in his kingdom and to tell others about how good our God really is. Thank you for being obedient and bringing the send it was an experience like I have never before.

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