“Adam was tempted with a full stomach in paradise, yet failed. Jesus was tempted while ravenously hungry, yet succeeded.”The Jesus Fast

Many would think that when Jesus was driven into the wilderness to fast 40 days, the weakness of the fast would have made Him more susceptible to Satan’s temptations. In actuality, the weakness of the fast is what subdued the power of His flesh so He could overcome. Jesus was driven by the Spirit into the fast, not as a weak being, but as the dread champion Son of God! God was picking a fight with the Devil through His own beloved Son. After gaining internal victory over temptation, Jesus went forth in the power of the Spirit with external victory over demons, sickness, disease and mental illness.

In fasting, I have found a greater power to subject the fleshly desires that seek to dominate my soul. My spirit man is strengthened, and the carnal centers of my soul and body –  the food-lust, sex-lust, and the desire for entertainment – are subjugated to Christ within me. Brothers and sisters, this is great news! Jesus said, “This kind (demonic oppression) cometh not out but by prayer and fasting” (Mt. 17:21). Addictions, sin cycles, and curses can be broken in these seasons of self-denial.

Years ago, while going through inner healing ministry, I had a vision of Jesus wrestling with the devil in the wilderness temptation. In the vision, He was warring over me. I wept and wept in the power of that encounter. I understood that Jesus was fighting for me with great love in the midst of my own fasting experience!

Brothers and sisters, in this 40-day fast, I encourage you to believe for breakthroughs in your own personal lives like you have never known!

Jesus, I pray that out of this worldwide fast a massive deliverance anointing would be unleashed. Lord, break addictions and cycles of sin in my own life. Deliver me from temptation and release internal victory for external authority over the future of my life and personal journey. Thank you, Lord, for my personal breakthrough in this fast.

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