This excerpt is taken from Arthur Wallis’ book called God’s Chosen Fast: A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Fasting.

“Pastor Hsi was surely one of the greatest saints that the land of China has produced. Delivered at the time of his conversion from the awful tyranny of opium smoking, God used this man in a ministry that brought deliverance to hundreds of his fellow countrymen from opium and demon possession. Many were healed through the laying on of hands. The hearts of multitudes were thus opened to the gospel, and churches sprang up throughout the region. From the time of his conversion, he took the name of Sheng-mo, meaning “conqueror of demons,” as if by some strange intuition he knew the work that God had raised him up to do.

Within a few months of his own deliverance came the first great test. His wife, who had given evidence of being influenced by his new-found faith, became demon-possessed. She suffered from deep depression and mental torment, and when the time came for daily worship, she was seized with “paroxysms of ungovernable rage.” The villagers to a man believed that her possession by evil spirits was a judgment upon Hsi for his sin against the gods. “A famous conqueror of demons!” they cried. “Let us see what his faith can do now!”

Hsi had already learned the power of prayer coupled with fasting in the conflict with Satan:

He called for a fast of three days and nights in his household and gave himself to prayer. Weak in body, but strong in faith, he laid hold on the promises of God and claimed complete deliverance. Then, without hesitation, he went to his distressed wife, and laying his hands upon her, in the name of Jesus commanded the evil spirits to depart and torment her no more.

Mrs. Hsi was delivered instantly and permanently, and forthwith declared herself a Christian. She became his able and devoted partner in the work of God.

Thus began a ministry which has been rightly described as “apostolic”. It was characterized by tremendous conflict with the powers of darkness. Great was the power of Satan let loose against him, but greater was the power of God with him to save, deliver and heal. Whatever the crisis that arose – the need for guidance in some important decision, wisdom in handling difficult people or difficult situations, the deliverance of opium addicts or those possessed by demons, the withstanding of persecution or opposition – Hsi had only one remedy. He gave himself to prayer and fasting!”

Pastor Hsi changed his name to Sheng-Mo. China has found a fasting father. 

God, once again, raise up a generation through fasting and prayer that could call itself “Conqueror of Demons!”


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