Day 11: Dreams

Apr 24, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

We have grown up in a culture that is basically saturated with humanistic thinking concerning dreams, pshycho-bable, but Jacob had a drea. He saw heaven open up. Angels ascending and descending. And when he said it, he says, “This is none other than the gate of heaven. How awesome is this place.” A dream is portal of God’s presence and His message. The last days language of the HS is dreams and visions. We should be desiring to hear from heaven. And so the significance of dreams for years that we have actually had dreams and we’ve turned them into prayers. And we need to be shocked by our dreams and not say “it was just a dream” or it was” just a short dream.” Short dreams are better thang long dreams! You can interpret them. To think that you don’t need to learn Gods language, he’s already learned yours, And He comes in the middle of the night, and instead of counting the hairs on your head he brushes those hairs away and whispers in your ear. He flips through the scrap book of your history and pulls out symbols of what you already know what they mean. Dreams are love language from God. And we don’t treat them as holy. I have come to the point where I will not say “it is just a dream. “ Who knows what angels had to fight through to deliver that message?

 God wants to lift up our level of understanding, so that when the dream comes. Have you ever had a phrase in a dream? On a 40 day fast in 1996, I hear the audible voice of God in the dream and it said “Stretch forth a wakening rod over the earth! Will you do that?” I feel like I am here, a part of this is the long fast and releasing the dreams. We are going to hear a dream tonight that I believe comes on the first day of the fast. God understands what He is doing when He gives a dream on the first day of a season. He is actually trying to get us to understand this is a blueprint for the next 40 days. And if we delivers that then what we do here is going to move heaven. What you share in this dream is freak out, there should be a holier (holy-er) word, it is ‘awesome’. I want to share a dream right before you start.  

I have a friend Chris Berglund who dreams for me. It doesn’t matter where I am, he will dream for me and last night he had a dream.

In the dream you were with young people and some older folks as well. I sensed it was the Upper Room. You were releasing dreams, but they were turning into songs that would turn into fire and head toward various destinations. That’s that apostolic calling that just happened. Oh oh, yeah, I can feel it. He’s dreamed for me.

35 years ago we made a covenant to seek God, with all of our hearts together. And from that moment on he began to dream dreams for me. I’m telling you there is coming a release of a prophetic anointing for dreams that are so clear and direct. We are going to cultivate these. Every major point of my life, almost, he is dreaming. I was praying, I was asked to be a part of a movement called Pasadena for Christ, to be an intercessor. And I was praying and I had to make… he was in Kansas City, I was here. He had no idea I had to make a decision the next day. And I was praying; “God do you want me to become an intercessor for Pasadena for Christ?” And he calls me up the night before I have to make a decision and he says, “Lou, I have a dream and I saw you flying over Pasadena. And I heard a voice say, ‘Tell Lou that he has an extraordinary gift for intercession for his city.’”

And it launched me into the beginnings of where The Call would come from. Father, right now I release faith for dreams from heaven. The intimate language of the Holy Spirit. He’ll sing in your dreams, you’ll get healed in your dreams. We say now the Upper Room is the gate of heaven, for dreams. 

In the dream you were with young people and some older people as well. I sensed it was the Upper Room, and you, Lou were releasing dreams. But they were turning to songs, that would turn into fire and head toward various destinations. And the flames would leave the building as individuals mixed faith with the words. However, when the room was unified the flame turned into a tornado fire and left for its destination with such force, nothing could withstand it. He saw Psalm 110 and Habakkuk 3 and he woke up with Psalm 110, thinking about the Melchizedek priesthood…Yet, it was both a declaration in prayer, but there was a special force, vibration as it was put to a chorus or a melody and sung in unity that released the Fire Tornado. That’s a good word.

Come on lift your hands for just a second. [woman singing] They were in one place, in one accord, and suddenly tongues of fire.  And they’re hurled forth into the nations. [woman singing in background] Lord, we call forth apostolic dreams, encounters, and fire, the tornadoes.  But this dream that Michael is going to share may be one of the most holy that you could ever hear. And he’s going to share and I may make some comments on it, because I believe what you’ll hear in this dream is actually the invitation of Jesus to this people. And it’s always been that invitation, but what’s so powerful, is it’s going to lead to Jerusalem and the end of the age where Jesus will come. Because the upper room is desiring him.





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