Day 13: Your Daughters shall Prophesy

Apr 26, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

I’ll pour out my spirit on all flesh your sons, and your daughters will prophesy. The spirit of prophecy is here tonight. This is what my sister was doing, she was prophesying, she was under a spirit of prophecy. You can feel it when it has a spirit of prophecy on it. There are anointed women who are going to carry the anointing of Luke 4:18.


God wants to give us dreams and blow the lids off of what we thought we couldn’t do. Dreams give us, I call them “prayer-digms”. Shift them, whole mentalities, now. Come Holy Spirit! Just open up your heart. Come Holy Spirit! Dormant dreams that you thought could never happen because you were disqualified or in order, we unleashed that right now! Dreams that exploded as a little girl, we loose you to fly.

[crowd shouting/praying]

Fly! Reach out to touch the face of God. 

[Music] [crowd shouting/praying]

We loose the daughters of a new American Revolution.

We lose it in Jesus name!

[crowd shouting/praying]

Generals of intercession some of you are having like visions, eruptions in your inner being you feel it.  Like hope that is exploding when you thought it was all dead.


We loose it!

[crowd shouting/praying]

Come on, just loose it, and let it go, just let that spirit go. Just Break through all that self-consciousness all that stuff that tells you who you aren’t.

It’s a new day, Come Holy Spirit.

Shackles are being broken. You are the free woman.

[crowd shouting/praying]

I feel like some of you are being marked right now like a Joan of Arc. God’s marking you like a Joan of Arc. 

[Music] [crowd shouting/praying]

And if you want this, I just want you lift your hands where you are, He’s going to mark you, He’s going to mark you, I just hear him saying, “Are you willing? Are you willing? Are you willing?

Are you willing? Are you willing?”

Come on say yes, just say yes, it’s a simple yes. Come on. Yeah father, right now we ask God would you mark them like you did Joan of Arc, this warring woman God. This warring woman, would you mark them God? That they would burn. Father we ask right now for the spirit of burning over your daughters. Release, God, the fire of the Holy Spirit. The fire of The Holy Spirit. Mark them Lord. Mark them God. Pure ones, consecrated ones, set apart for the Lord. Holy unto the Lord! Holy unto the Lord! Holy unto the Lord! Holy unto the Lord!

[crowd shouting/praying][praying in tongues]

Fire of the Holy Spirit. Fire of the Holy Spirit.

Fuego de le spiritu santo! Fuego de le spiritu santo! Fuego! Fuego!

I just, there’s something going on tonight. I believe women are going to start moving in the most extraordinary words of knowledge. The woman at the well, Jesus identified her and it changed her whole life. Come on, can we all ask release that Luke 4:18, signs, words of knowledge so prophetic. Come on, I want you to believe for this. Tonight we say there’s a ceiling being removed and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Spirit of prophecy, I see in the middle of night bubbling up out of your innermost being, they won’t even know why. You’ll be beginning to just speak in tongues. We’ve only known a dribble of tongues, but there is coming there is a river flowing from the throne crystal clear and beautiful, with a power all its own, proceeding from the Father, mediated through the son, God the Holy Spirit.

Now on us! Come! Lift your hearts open say Come Holy Spirit! Oh, stir up the spirit of prophecy. Jesus that all my people were prophets. Oh, that they were all prophets.  Lord, loose in the atmosphere in these days God, men and women. 

What’s just happened in Kansas City, loose it all over the body, God. Words of knowledge.

I find myself longing in this atmosphere, if I could start moving in a word of knowledge with names, you would be changed forever. All God has to do is name you, women. I want you to dare to ask God, “take me into a new realm of the spirit.” How many of you feel this would long for this? Once you begin to ask Him, ask seek knock, keep seeking how much more shall the father give The Holy Spirit than a man? Can this be a night where we begin to say, “God unleash the full measure of your Holy Spirit!” Go ahead and ask Him.

I said it this morning, just keep asking, there are women who have had dreams of preaching with signs and wonders in stadiums. How many of those are here? Those are not just dreams or invitations to go after this in faith. You can’t say it’s impossible. Blessed is she who believed what God has spoken, would be fulfilled. Break off those lies, tonight I believe, I’m going to move in a posture of faith, if it takes me 20 years I’ve set my face.

[Music] [crowd shouting/praying][music]

It’s not just a dream, it was an access point of heaven. In fact, if you allow me I want those who have believed that God is going to use them like an Amy Simple McPherson, or signs and wonders and miracles and preaching, I want you to come right now and maybe this is off program. Come! Listen, if the word has come, over all these years, that He is loosing, Luke 4:18 has come at last. Then we should lay hold of that in expectations.

[crowd praying/groaning][music]

Recall the dream, recall the vision, when it erupted inside of you. Was that your thoughts? No, that was the Spirit erupting inside of you, visiting in the night, kissing you with his heart and thoughts. From here on in you begin to pray for everybody that’s sick. You don’t wait for a stadium you begin to pray for everybody that’s sick you begin to release deliverance.


I remember one of the first times I ever fasted I fasted 10 days with one thing on my mind. I want to see demons cast out. [crowd shouting/praying]

On the tenth day my pastor called me said, “Lou, there’s a woman here that needs deliverance I came there, suddenly she began to pound her head on the table and speak in the demonic tongues and in the name of Jesus instantaneously she’s delivered. Listen, this kind comes not out but by prayer and fasting. Come on Father in the name of Jesus, we just loose this 4:18 mantle

We lose Anna Cane’s words into the earth, into women

[crowd shouting/praying][music]

 Pray in the Spirit, don’t be spectators right now.

[crowd shouting/praying][music]

Loose Jesus the evangelist. Loose Jesus the evangelist, in the women.


When I gave this call ma’am I looked and I knew that spirit is upon you. In the house there’s safety and faith. Loose heaven, loose it on her. You saw me, you saw me look at you, Lord help her to believe, loose the gift of faith, loose the gift of faith,


[Song] The spirit of the Lord is upon me because the Lord has anointed me. To bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the broken heart. To proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.


[Song] To proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor. And the day of vengeance of our God. To comfort all mourn to grant to those who mourn in Zion, To give them a beautiful headdress instead of ashes, The oil of gladness instead of mourning, the garment of praise instead of faint spirit.

Some, with your skeptical minds would say, “Oh, this is just charismatic craziness,” Know when a word comes, like Luke 4:18 came so sovereignly, we have to begin to move in faith. we can’t be cynics. We can’t be cynics on what God’s doing. Our unbelief has kept us from our promised land. Come Holy Spirit, stir it up young ladies. He said fan in the flame the gift that is in you by the laying on of hands. Fight the good fight of faith, but the prophecies that were spoken over you pull those back up and get out of the… Awake daughter of Zion! Awake daughter! Shake off the dust. Arise! Oh the lies let them be broken.  God loves me!


As a father I want my daughters to fly. I give you wings, even in fasting, you get light-winged, you fly like you couldn’t fly, in the name of Jesus. God, give them wings


Give them the winged life. 

[Song] The spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor to the poor. Lord, He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners.





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