Day 14: The Devil Left Him

Apr 27, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

You know, I know many of you are on this fast, however you’re doing it, you may be struggling I just want to encourage you in the midst of your struggle. God just loves you. The fact that you’re desiring just to fast, pursuing him, I just think God’s heart is so moved. I think he writes you down in His diary in these days.

I remember one time I was in seminary and I was going after God, and it snowed in Ashland, Ohio, and I ran out into the snow and I said, “God I’m going to throw myself into the snow and I’m going to be face down and I’m going to stay here until you meet me.” And I laid down and stayed there for 30 seconds, it was so cold. But I think God wrote me down in his diary. it said, “It didn’t look good, but Lou it moved my heart.” You’re moving God’s heart in this fast. I know that many of you are struggling with personal issues. Issues, maybe in your marriage, issues with your family, your children. You’re crying out for answers, and nothing seems to have moved.

I want to dare to believe that what happened with Jesus will happen with us in this 40-day fast. He was tempted of the devil for 40 days. I believe there are addictions in people’s lives things you prayed you cried out nothing’s broken through. I want to encourage you that the end of that fast where the devil himself has come to sift Him and to tempt him and to destroy him on that final part of that fast, where he overcomes satan in that 40 days. That next scripture says this, “Then the devil left him.” 

It just jumped off the page and I felt faith in my heart….areas in my life, something, I believe the rhema word of God came to me, “…and the devil’s going to leave you.”

I want to prophesy this over your life, over your family, the devil is going to leave you! I believe the 40-day fast is an act of spiritual warfare. In your humility and humbling yourself, God will exalt you, He’ll cut off the horns of the wicked one and exalt the horn of the righteous.  Let’s dare to believe and we’ll shout it to the world “The devil left me!” 

Let’s hold on for your children, “the devil left them!”

 Let’s hold on for you “…and the devil left that left our marriage!”  Oh brothers and sisters let’s believe that as we overcome, He will destroy the works of the devil in our life.





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