Day 25: Acts 2

May 8, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

I read about the Welsh revival, They said in those days, big preachers would some sit in the back row, and they wouldn’t dare say anything because the revival was so intense among the young people. I almost feel like that, I don’t want to get up and mess 30 minutes o fsinging in tongues. So kind of that’s how I feel, but he asked me to share. And he asked me to share what are my dreams. Your old men will dream dreams. Can I give you a 40 year old dream I went to seminary and I ran into a guy named duke. And a couple of guys who weren’t even in this seminary. And god would just move, we would pray together every night. And God put it on our heart that we would seek Acts chapter 2 no matter what the cost. 

Two nights ago I was here and I said, “Lord is this my Acts chapter 2?” Is this my Upper Room? I would do anything to come under a corporate baptism. I’ve seen revivals wonderful, I’ve seen gold dust, I’ve seen shaking and baking, but I don’t think my inner river has ever uncorked. With total freedom of tongues of fire. Ive found myself longing for this, so we made a covenant to seek acts chapter 2, and because of that I left seminary, quit seminary. I went to Maryland looking for acts chapter 2, I didn’t find it, I found my wife. That was better than Acts 2. And I lost track of my friend that we made the covenant with. Maybe I shared this with you, I don’t know. 12 years later, we moved to Pasadena and a revival breaks out and I receive a phone call from this young man who I made a covenant with to seek acts chapter 2. He said, “I found your number Lou, and I hear there is a revival going on.” And I said yeah. I asked him, “Where are you?” 

“I’m in Rosemead, the town next to Pasadena. I’ve been away from the lord for 12 years. I used to dream all the time, I haven’t dreamed in 12 years. “

I said, ‘you mean you live right next to me, I said “Come, come to the revival.” The Holy Spirit touched this guy. He became the worship leader and had a dream that he was flying into this huge double door building.  With his guitar singing songs people were being healed during the songs. When we moved into Mott Auditorium he said this is the building I dreamed about. He became our worship leader. This is the God that says I will guard over your covenant. 3000 miles away, 12 years, this gives me confidence that I’m still on the journey. I believe the Upper Room is not just a good name it’s a place for acts chapter 2. That should be our expectation. I’m just going to share a few more things since he gave me the mic. 

Years ago, I don’t know what I’ve shared here. But years ago I woke up one morning with this intense longing to read 2 books. Shaping history through prayer and fasting by Derek Prince, and “rain from heaven” by Arthur Wallis. And in Prince’s book there’s a chapter that says, “Fasting precipitates the latter rain” And I woke up with this groaning and literally all day long I groaned, “I’ve got to find those 2 books,” but I couldn’t find them anywhere in my library. And I groaned all day long, groaning “god, I must find those books today. You’ve got to confirm to me that fasting precipitates the latter rain.”

 That night I was preaching up in the desert and a friend of mine, as I was preparing for the message. In his office as he was sitting at his desk, suddenly he gets up and walks over to his bookshelf. He says “Lou come over here.” I come over here. And he pulls off his bookshelf “Rain from heaven” and says, “You’re looking for this book.” The next morning I’m teaching a class, a guy walks in and says, “Lou, I was at the Vineyard in Costa Mesa this morning and someone yelled at me, “You’re going to meet Lou Engle and there’s a book he is looking for ‘Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting’ Give it to him.” Maybe that story has given me faith that even now in 40 days ‘I’ll send the rain’. 

I had a dream of a scroll rolling before me that said “and yet 40 days I’ll send the rain”. What if we believe that Joel’s fast will lose the latter rain. Its time! I’m sharing these things simply because what if we didn’t go back to this, for 40 days. What if we just said Lord, one time in our life we’ll spend it all. Jesus appeared to his disciples for 40 days before the 10 in the Upper Room. What if he just starts appearing to us. This is our… come. I remember many years ago, and this will be my last little story. Arthur Wallis came to a church where we were. I was a young man, and all these people were surrounding him after the meeting. And I prayed, I was so dissatisfied with my baptism of the Holy Spirit, so I prayed, “Lord have everyone leave him so I could talk to him.” Suddenly everyone leaves him and he’s standing there all alone and I walk up to him and say, “Mr. Wallis, you know I’ve prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but I’m so dissatisfied with what I’ve received.” And I still am. 

HE said, “Did you receive anything when you prayed.”

 I said “yeah I think so.”

 He said, “Well thank God for what you’ve got, but never stop hungering for another mighty baptism of the Holy Spirit,” and then he said, “I too am a candidate of another mighty baptism of the Holy Spirit.” Stand with me. This is my dream, Maybe my dream meets yours today. Give us Acts chapter 2. Maybe you want to make that vow with me. Give us Acts chapter 2. Just begin to pray that.





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