Day 27: A cry for Yeshua

May 10, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

Hello dear friends. As we’re fasting and praying, I think this is the 16th day, I’m sure you feel weak. You may feel filled with God, I don’t know. You might feel so empty. Doesn’t matter, the fast itself is prayer. Sometimes we think I’ve got to be praying all the time. I’ve found in my own journey fasting is prayer. The weakness of fasting. You go through the day and you loose groans inside. God, I feel so weak, nut oh God i yearn for you. I desire you. I found this really is, fasting is a call to hunger and to yearning. Ive found myself weeping listening to Jewish messianic music. Carried away with the great thought that we could be a part of God’s eternal plan and end-time gain of heaven. To pray and fast to bring forth the final purposes of the Lord for Israel, the salvation of the Jews. And the one new man movement, where Jew and gentile are one in Yeshua. Yesterday, I was caught up with the song called ‘Yeshua’, by a man named Fernand Nino from Brazil. With Kim walker from Banning’s movement there, Jesus Culture. Just hours just weeping, under the sense that I could see millions of Jewish kids singing this song around the world.  And not just Jewish kids, the whole world, who are taking the name of Yeshua. The very name that god put on the lips of Gabriel the archangel, to deliver, haha, to Mary, “His name shall be called Yeshua.” That very name. What do you think this moves His heart concerning Him? As I was caught up in this, I was exhausted, and I just took a brief nap and suddenly I awakened with this profound and startling text. And I ran out to greet my wife and say, “God just texted me,” Sometimes in the middle of the fast, God will encourage us with prophetic moments that sustain us, that keeps us going, that tells us we are on the right path. And the word was this, I saw this text crystal clear and it said “Jeff,” which I believe was a code name for the military operation that we are on. We looked it up and it actually means ‘pledge of peace’. It said “Jeff” and then “to the Jew first.” I got up dead out of my sleep, under the presence of God, and I knew the Lord was speaking to me. In this fast we are prevailing and He is saying the ‘pledge of peace’ is being released. What is the ‘pledge of peace’? It’s Ruth’s pledge, “Your people will be my people, your God will be my God.” Its Ruth’s pledge that says there going to be peace between the gentile and the Jewish woman, Naomi. God is going to bring peace. Break the hostility, the wall of hostility, between Jew and gentile. We are in some kind of epic fast, and I’m believing in the heavens this pledge of peace is being unleashed in the spirit so it can be manifest on the earth. Another thought is, the ‘pledge of peace’ to the Jew first. And it’s Romans 1:18 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Chris, for it is the power of God unto salvation, to the Jew first.” This was Nava Neibur Murphy’s dream, “You can’t see revival in America, unless you pray first for the salvation of the Jews”

I believe we are moving His heart, He is moving in our nation with revival. By the way I am praying for Revival in America. My dear sister in New England who had an encounter with God so profound it shook her world. “In your womb is the greatest revival known to man.” I’m believing for a 3rd great awakening. I’m believing for the message of the SEND, 80 million souls, 200,000 laborers. But I think as we begin to turn our hearts to the Jew first, we will begin to reap harvest all over the world. Something is converging. We are moving to the end times. Something is being stirred in the hearts of people. I’m hearing it everywhere. Texts that come, “Lou I’m praying for the synagogues of Denver. And others are saying God is moving on them to pray for Israel, What if we are in a moment for a worldwide prayer movement? I was just with Cory Russell of the Upperroom. And the burning vision of his heart is the nasharites praying for 100 million intercessors. Can we give birth to this in this 40 days? Folks, this is not drudgery, this is destiny. Let us go on, pray these things into being. The salvation of the Jews, raising up Jewish laborers and apostles, a Jew first. And releasing the pledge of peace that god has towards Jerusalem, praying for the peace of Jerusalem. The covenant of peace, these are great things. Let’s pray them into being, bless you.





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