Day 28: An Epic Moment in the History of the Nations

May 11, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

Good morning, as we are into the 17th day or so of fasting. I want to bring you into what I believe is an amazing storyline. Not just amazing, I believe it is an epic moment in the history of the nations, something is shifting. Jesus did a 40 day fast, came out in the power of the Holy Spirit, went into Nazareth, unrolled the scroll of his own life, and said “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted.” Luke 4:18. 

Let me take you back to 2017. 2017 we were on an extended fast, then I went to California to be with my twin sister and her husband Calvary Chapel there, and the healing rooms there in Santa Mari.  And as I pulled up, the Holy Spirit so clearly spoke to me, “This is Santa Maria. The baby will be born here.” I took that to mean a new Jesus movement. Something epic taking place. I went into the meeting and our dear brother leading the healing rooms there got up. I had no idea, and said, “Greetings brothers and sisters, this is Santa Maria, this is where the baby will be born.” Whoa! You know you take these prophetic words and you ponder them in your heart. Then in March 1st through April 9th, we’d called a 40 day fast for California, and during this fast, we were praying for a new Jesus movement outbreak, new healing revivals, these kinds of things. And when we were there and we were ending the 40 day fast in Santa Maria, my friend Paul Amabile, a real intercessor, had a dream. In the dream I was tightening my belt 10 more notches. In other words, to extend my fast 10 days from April 9th. In the dream “Will anyone fast and extend it 10 more days? I didn’t quite know what to do with it, but hundreds gathered for 10 days in the Santa Maria healing rooms, praying the fast would end on 4/18 4/9 to 4/18. And this is where Paul Cain was living in Santa Maria. We met with him, he came and spoke at the gathering and he told the story of Anna Cain. His mom was 45 years old, completely ravaged by 4 or 5 deadly diseases. The doctor said you will not give birth to the child that you are bearing and you will not live. The lord visited her, and spoke to her. “You will live, and you will have a boy. And you will name him Paul because he will do the miracles that Saint. Paul did.”

Paul Cain was born, her breasts were completely stored that were ravaged by these diseases. It was a miracle! Paul Cain rose up in the days of the healing revivals that was preceded by the atomic power through prayer and fasting movements. A 40 day fasting healing revivalist. In other words, those revivalists in the 40’s were the product of fasting, and they were manifesting Luke 4:18, signs and wonders. Which in many ways I don’t think we’ve seen since. Mighty waves in the Vineyard, Mighty waves at Bethel, but I think there is something coming. Paul Cain was there in Santa Maria during those 10 days. We spoke with him and he said that Anna Cain, and I don’t know if I have the story right. Anna, his mom, gave him many prophetic words, and she was dying at age 105, and Paul Cain called Mike Bickle on April 17th, 4/17, and said, “Please come to Dallas,” where she died, “Please come to Dallas, she’s going to die tomorrow.” 

Mike flew there, and she had said to Paul, I’m going to give you a word, the greatest word I could ever give you before I die,” but she had slipped into a coma and not delivered that word. What happened was, as Mike was in the room, Paul was there, she suddenly wakes up out of the coma and says, “Paul, God is giving you Luke 4:18, and he’s giving it to the whole world.” Immediately she goes into eternity. Mike is staring at the clock and puts it together sometime later. She died on 4/18 at the time 4:18, delivering her message on 4:18. To me this was shock and awe. In fact during that time we got with Paul and my friend Chris Berglund had a dream, and in this dream Paul Cain was hiking a football to me, and we had been speaking about stadium Christianity, and in the dream it was 4th and 18, and we were losing. But in the dream and I handed it to the youngest, which I believe is the youngest generation. And they scored 4th and 18 and they got 14 points instead of 7, a double portion anointing on that generation that is now coming. And we are a part of it as the older company, we were in shock and awe this whole time. We ended that fast on 4-18. It’s amazing, during that week, that’s the week I ended The CALL and embraced the coming of the SEND. I believe it was a historic moment. Something was birthed there, in that season of time, with an extended fast to 4/18. I believe in some ways, something was born there that is now coming to some mega-culmination, or at least beginning a mega-culmination. Ill begin tomorrow at this point.





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