Unable to make it all the way to India due to financial constraints (see yesterday’s devotional), T.L. Osborn and his wife Daisy made it to their first stop along the route, Jamaica. Their lack of funds was no accident. God was divinely orchestrating their path. Osborn tells what happened next in a thank you speech he gave to Franklin Hall that was published in Franklin Hall’s newsletter.

One day, while in deep consecration, the Spirit spoke thus: “My son, as I was with Price, Wigglesworth, and others, so will I be with thee. They are dead, but now it is time for you to arise, to go and do likewise. You can cast out devils; YOU heal the sick; YOU raise the dead; YOU cleanse the lepers. Behold I give you power over all the power of the enemy. Be not afraid. Be strong. Be of good courage. I am with thee, as I was with them. No evil power shall be able to stand before THEE all the days of thy life, as you get the people to believe my Word. I used those men in their day; now I desire to use THEE.”

Osborn said that, “the challenge of this commission, given directly from the Lord, caused me to tremble exceedingly, but I knew God meant every word He had spoken. More days and weeks of fasting and prayer followed this tremendous commission, and more healings and miracles were the result.”

We have been able to conduct Healing Campaigns already in over a dozen of our states and on the island of Jamaica. In a single campaign which we conducted [in Jamaica], as many as one hundred and twenty-five deaf-mutes, ninety totally blind, and hundreds of other equally miraculous deliverances have resulted. Happy and joyful conversions have numbered as many as nine thousand in one revival.

We found people all over the island acquainted with your books and tracts. Many were fasting and praying for this revival before we came.

Brother Hall, we wanted you to know, we do appreciate your vision, and the tremendous way you have STIRRED THE WORLD with FASTING AND PRAYER. We shall do all we can to push that part of the Gospel.

Yours in Christ for the deliverance of all,

T.L. Osborn

Fasting is that part of the Gospel. It was never to be excluded from the ministry of evangelism. Even as thousands fast in these 40 days, we are joining GO 2020 (go2020.world/home), a ministry mobilizing one hundred million believers to evangelize their families, cities, and nations during the month of May. Could we believe that this fast will clear the skies of demonic interference all over the world, and that in May signs and wonders will break out and people will be saved in unreached people groups across the globe? It could be the global sledgehammer of God! Friends, we believe that Jesus’ fast was not an anomaly, but a prototype. A generation is arising who will come out of the fast in the power of the Spirit and those who sit in darkness will see a great light!


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